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Friday, February 10, 2012


Air India

With a global network of passenger and cargo services, Air India, India's oldest carrier, is one of the two state owned airlines operating through 95 destinations all over the world. Air India offers exemplary services, certifies optimum comfort and luxury and this is how Air India has made it to become one the much sought after carriers in India and abroad. Air India frequently go by discount deals which makes it easier for anyone and everyone to avail its services.
To trace back the history, air transport in India started in the year 1911, but the scheduled services began in the year 1932 in real sense. It was the day when founder of Air India took off from Drigh Road Airport, Karachi to Bombay.
Now the Air India has got a well managed fleet of 48 aircrafts covering short, medium and long haul routes. Air India comes with many discount offers without compromising on any thing like quality of services

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